Self-Study Resources for Advanced English

Academic Writing

Academic PhrasebankThis research-based guide from the University of Manchester (Morley, 2014) offers lists of academic expressions organized by the main sections of a research paper in which they often occur (e.g., introductions, literature reviews, etc.), and also by their function (e.g., comparing & contrasting, giving examples, explaining causality, being critical, etc.).  An on-line version of the guide is available here.


Sounds of Speech: This website from University of Iowa provides audio clips of English consonants and vowels accompanied by detailed animated illustrations that demonstrate what parts of the mouth do when pronouncing English sounds. It is also available as an app for IOS and Android.


Oxford 3000 for American English: The Oxford 3000 is a list of the 3000 most important words to learn in American English as selected by an expert group of language experts. The words have been selected as judged by their importance and usefulness.

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